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The Offside Forehand Swing Masterclass Contains a Proven Step-by-Step Blueprint on Learning to Hit The Polo Ball and Mastering It...

No matter what level of polo you are at!

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Gavin is one of the best swing coaches in the world

"Gavin is one of the best swing coaches in the world, he has the ability to assist both high level through to beginner level players and explain problem areas in such a way that always brings positive results."

- Buster Mackenzie,
Ex 7-Goaler & South African Captain

Highly recommended to join this specially for new polo players

"Highly recommended to join this specially for new polo players . Things are taught straight from the heart by Gav."

- Dr Qasim Ali,

My stickwork has graduated to a new level

"The online sessions and videos have really helped me drastically. My stickwork has graduated to a new level. I wish and look forward for more training videos and tips and I'll continue to put in efforts and endeavour to execute and become a better player."

- Anant Rajpurohit

Is This You? ...

  • "As hard as I try I can't get any consistency with my shots..."
  • "As soon as game time comes my tendency is to mis-hit the ball..."
  • "I feel I have many bad habits with my swing which prevent me from hitting the ball far..."
  • "I always top the ball..."
  • "I can't get any distance with my shots!"

Yeah! Hitting a polo can be frustrating.

Hitting that ball sweetly and consistently can sometimes seem impossible.


By learning the swing in stages, 1 step at a time, you will naturally solve all of the problems that hinder so many players on the polo field….

And it will help you get more consistency and accuracy with your shots...

Which is why I created the Offside Forehand Learning Stages Masterclass...

  • It's perfect for a Beginner just wanting to learn how to hit the ball
  • It's perfect for an Experienced player wanting to solve their swing problems and bad habits
  • It's perfect for any player wanting to absolutely master the polo swing technique & hit like a pro
  • Essentially it's perfect for ANYONE wanting to hit the ball more consistently, further, and with greater accuracy.
So Let's Get You To..

Master Hitting the Polo Ball

When you sign up for the Offside Forehand Learning Stages Masterclass you will:

  • Get a step-by-step blueprint for learning and mastering the Offside Forehand
  • Discover why the grip is the biggest hindrance to your shots
  • Learn the correct Grip and Swing Technique
  • Discover how to solve the bad habits and problems that have crept into your swing (BONUS PROBLEM SOLVING SECTION)
  • Understand the importance of cocking your wrist in the swing setup...
  • And learn how to activate your wrists to get maximum distance.
  • Discover how to improve your timing, your accuracy, and the distance you hit your shots
  • Learn how to hit consistently under pressure or at speed
  • And most importantly: Have a whole lot more fun because you'll be hitting the ball better, keeping more possession of it (by not missing or mis-hitting),  and scoring more goals!
  • And so much more..
Grab the Swing Masterclass for $199

Who Am I?


I'm Gavin Chaplin

The founder of GavSaysPoloAcademy.com and I would love to become your Online Polo Coach by inviting you to join me in this course that will teach you how to learn and master the offside forehand.

I have been coaching polo players and teams successfully, across the globe, for over 30 years.

After years of playing professionally off 7 goals -- and learning from players such as Eduardo Moore (10) and Tommy Wayman (10)...

...I turned my attention to passing on all the knowledge that I had gained from those top players and horseman -- And from my own personal experience, into coaching others.


  • Coaching Leo Baxter’s “Stonefield” teams for 3 years (where his 22 goal team only lost 3 games in those 3 years and Leo’s handicap rose from -1 to 2 goals)...
  • To coaching the South African National team for 5 years with a 98% win record...
  • And having coached the likes of Nachi du Plessis (9), Jean du Plessis (7), Tom de Bruin (7), and Chris Mackenzie (7) at various times in their careers...
  • Plus hundreds of beginners and lower goal players...

I have had the most incredible journey of IMPACTING peoples' polo, helping them play better, win more, and ultimately ENJOY their polo more!

But in that time I realized that I could only impact and help a limited number of people when coaching "in-person"...

And for me, it just wasn't enough.

I wanted to be able to help more people play great polo, and to really love it when they played.

And so, I started this online Academy and the courses that you find in it, and have been helping over 700 polo players and counting from all across the globe learn and improve their polo.

In The Course We Go In-Depth To Reveal...

The Step-by-Step Learning Process:

(The Stages)
Discover what to learn first, practice until you've got it right, and then what to add onto it next

How The Polo Swing Technique Works:

You’ll discover how the correct swing technique and mechanics work, and how to get them right

Practical Examples & Swing Analysis:

See specific analysis of different swings, what their problems are and how to solve them

Problem Solving:

With an entire BONUS Section on problem solving you'll learn how to solve all the common problems and bad habits that hold players back

Grab the Swing Masterclass for $199

What's Included In The Offside Forehand Learning Stages Masterclass...

Section 1

The Offside Forehand Learning Stages

The step-by-step process that you need to take - to learn how to hit a polo ball, fix your bad habits and problems, and perfect your swing technique. Each stage needs to be learnt and practiced on it's own before moving to the next. In this module you'll learn:

  • The Grip & Swing Technique
  • Stage 1: The Basic Swing - Wrist Cock to Wrist Lock through Impact (This is the most important part of the swing. Everything else is built on top of it!)
  • Stage 2: Adding to the Swing with an Underarm Takeaway
  • Stage 3: Starting the Overhand Takeaway
  • Stage 4: Angled Shots
  • Stage 5: Improved Riding, Improved Swing
  • Stage 6: Practice More Effectively

You’ll finish this course with a complete picture of how the offside forehand swing technique works and the process you need to take to make your swing perfect.

Section 2

More on the Grip

The NUMBER ONE thing that holds most people's swings back is their grip. I get many students who come in and "think" they have got their grip right, but I can see that:

  • Their hand has slipped too far around,
  • Or the handle is running in the palm of their hands and not their fingers,
  • Or their index finger knuckle is just not right,
  • Or sometimes they start by setting it correctly and after 2 shots, it's slipped back into the wrong position.

Often, the rest of their swing looks really good... BUT it just falls apart because of the grip.

  • AND this is WHY I have a whole extra MODULE dedicated to the Grip and making sure you get this game changing fundamental right!
Section 3

Swing Tips

In this section we focus in on specific aspects of the swing that will help you master yours. In this section you'll learn:

  • How to activate your wrist so that it's working correctly through the swing, giving you power and distance in your shots
  • Why ball placement is crucial to your shots and how to get this right
  • Mastering your timing and balance
  • How to use your horse's weight transfer, and why this gives you greater power and distance
  • How to practice getting your swing plane right
  • How to keep consistency, plus accuracy and distance under pressure
  • And MORE
Bonus Section

Problem Solving

By returning to basics and learning the swing technique correctly through the stages, you will fix most bad habits and problems on their own.

But I thought it would be important to show you solutions to the main problems that you might fall into as you learn and master the swing. In this bonus module you'll learn how to solve:

  • Inconsistent & Misdirected Shots
  • Mis-hitting the ball caused by flattening of the wrist or leaving the mallet behind
  • Poor Seat Position
  • Bent Elbow in the Swing (broken arm) causing topping of the ball and mis-hitting
  • Flattening of the Shoulders which takes away all power and distance in the shot
  • And more...

You’ll finish this section with a much better idea as to what bad habits you must make sure you don't develop, and how to fix them if you do.

This Polo Swing Course Is Perfect For You If...

  • You're a beginner and simply want to learn how to hit a polo ball
  • You're an experienced player and want to master your swing technique and hit with greater distance and direction
  • You are frustrated with "topping" the ball and want to start hitting it sweetly
  • You desperately need help learning to hit consistently under pressure and/or at speed
  • You have a real difficulty with timing and often hit the ball late or have to rush your shot
  • You have a problem with overthinking your shots and need to learn how to swing smoothly
The boxing stance has really clicked with me

"The boxing stance (from this series) has really clicked with me. I was practicing the boxing stance riding on our steep hills in the twilight the other night and leading another horse. My horse spooked at something. It really brought home how stable you are in that stance. He flipped around and I felt I was bolted onto him. A very stable position."

- Peter Jock MacIntyre
This has been really useful in my polo... they raised my handicap

"This is great information, thanks... I just wanted to say that this has been really useful in my polo. This week I got a message from the Association Argentina de Polo, saying that they raised my handicap from one to two goals (women's hcp)... So all that I can say is thank you very much."

- Maria de la Cruz

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