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When you become a Member of the GavSays Polo Academy you get Immediate access to all the following:

✅ New lessons added on a weekly basis

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Over 227 lessons on all aspects of improving and progressing your polo, within the 5 Pillars of Polo Success:

  1. Ride Better
  2. Better Horses
  3. Stickwork, Ball Control and Hitting
  4. On-Field Tactics & Anticipation
  5. Fitness, Psychology & Mental Prep

And the Following Bonuses:

 Access to the Private GavSays Polo Academy Facebook Group

✅ Monthly Live Coaching, Q&A, and Game Analysis Sessions

 The Bitting Your Horse Masterclass

 Step-by-Step "Corrective Horse Training" with "Dancing"

 The "In-Saddle" Horse Training Fundamentals Course

✅ And much MUCH more...

What People Are Saying:

Gavin's ability to deconstruct techniques and make them simple to understand is a gem. His encyclopedic knowledge and enthusiasm for helping pros and amateurs alike to better appreciate the game is a breath of fresh air.

Majid Sadjadi

Gav's detailed explanations and knowledge have been incredibly enabling. The very best coach and mentor.

Cameron Brawne

I love this program... Absolutely worth every penny.

Rachel Alexander

The Academy is the best money you can spend in polo!

Richard de Ramon

I have learnt more in the last 3 months, then in the 7 years I've been playing...

Barry Cloete

I have been playing polo for 40 years. I have never had as much help with my polo than now since I have joined Gav’s academy.

Wendy Stover

Highly recommended to join this specially for new polo players . Things are taught straight from the heart by Gav. Many concepts are cleared with his detailed videos, followed by live Q&A. Well done keep it up

Dr. Qasim Ali

Since being a member of GavSays, my handicap has gone up to 6 goals in NZ and I'm still picking up little bits and bobs all the time. And improving my game! Amazing what you can still learn at any stage of your polo career!! And I think GavSays is the best place to improve every aspect of your game!! Just keep doing what you're doing. I think is fantastic and can help players at every level!! I'm still learning all the time!!

Kit Brooks

If you follow this you are going to get better. Wherever you're at in the world of polo, you're going to get better, and you're going to have more fun!

Marshall Rosenburg