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Online Lessons & Coaching For All Aspects of Your Polo

Ball Hitting, Stickwork & Control

Tactics, Strategy & Anticipation

Horse Training, Care & Maintanence

Your Riding, Fitness & MORE...

What Students Have Been Saying:


"You can get so much knowledge here. There's something for every level..."

Erika Lipton, Flying Cow Polo, -1 Goal Handicap


"I have learnt more in the last 3 months, then in the 7 years I've been playing..."

Barry Cloete, Ottawa Polo Club, 0 Goal Handicap


"I went from a -1 to a 2 goal handicap, purely because of Gav's training videos..."

- Rob Hampson, Val de Vie Polo Club, 2 Goal Handicap


"Once I found your videos and website, I really felt I had a source I could trust..."

Hunter, Margaritaville Polo Club, 0 Goal Handicap

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