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The GavSays Polo Academy

"Putting the skills and knowledge of the pros at your fingertips!"


What Our Academy Members Say:

Since being a member... my handicap has gone up to 6 goals

"Since being a member of GavSays, my handicap has gone up to 6 goals in NZ and I'm still picking up little bits and bobs all the time. And improving my game! Amazing what you can still learn at any stage of your polo career!! And I think GavSays is the best place to improve every aspect of your game!! Just keep doing what you're doing. I think is fantastic and can help players at every level!! I'm still learning all the time!!"

- Kit Brooks,
6 Goals, New Zealand

Been playing 40 years... Never Had as Much Help Than Now

"I have been playing polo for 40 years. I have never had as much help with my polo than now since I have joined Gav's Academy. Gav’s videos are crucial for anyone wanting to improve their polo and training horses. His technique in teaching is ideal for all types of learners. He gives you visual, instructional and “feel” so that you can fully understand the task at hand. It’s like having Gav right there with you at home!""

- Wendy Stover,
0.5 Goals, Riverbend Polo Club, Texas, USA

Has Made Me More Effective and The Game More Fun

"I've been playing for over 25 years, and I regret I did not have the GavSays instructional opportunity back when I started. His instruction has made me more effective and the game more fun. It is helping me remain a relevant competitor, even though I'm 20 to 40 years older than most of my fellow players."

- Jim Horne,
0 Goal, Point Clear Polo Club, USA

Highly recommended to join this specially for new polo players

"Highly recommended to join this specially for new polo players . Things are taught straight from the heart by Gav. Many concepts are cleared with his detailed videos, followed by live Q&A. Well done keep it up"

- Dr Qasim Ali,

For less than the price of a lesson you have a database of information

"This has been possibly one of the best things I've done to improve my Polo. Joining the GavSays polo Academy has taught me more strategy than I've learned on the field. For less than the price of a lesson you have a database of information covering you, your horse, and your equipment."

- Erika (Cleo) Lipton, USA

This week I got a message... saying that they raised my handicap

"I just wanted to say that GavSays Polo Academy is a great platform, and it has been really useful in my polo. This week I got a message from the Association Argentina de Polo, saying that they raised my handicap from one to two goals (women's hcp), and much of it is because of your help through all the videos that you put in the Academy and all the tools that you offer us to be able to improve. So all that I can say is thank you very much."

- María de la Cruz Güiraldes,

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About Your Coach, Gavin Chaplin:

Gav is an international Polo Coach who has been coaching players and teams successfully, across the globe, for over 30 years. After years of playing professionally off 7 goals -- and learning from players such as Eduardo Moore (10) and Tommy Wayman (10), he turned his attention to passing on all the knowledge he had gained from those top players and horseman -- and from his own personal experience, into coaching others.

He has coached multiple high goal players like Chris Mackenzie (7), plus hundreds of beginners, lower goal players and medium goal players. He realized though, that through his video analysis and video coaching he could impact and help many more players, which is where the GavSays Polo Academy was born from.

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