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No Negative

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2021

Don't make negative plays. Here's how!

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How To Practice Penalties

play polo polo lesson Jun 05, 2021

When practicing penalties, there will be a distance that you start to battle from. You need to find what that distance is. Here are some penalty hitting tips! 


So how should I practice penalties. Over to you Gav. Okay so, if you are looking to practice penalties, there will always be a distance that you start to battle to hit the ball through the goals. You need to find what distance that is - where's your Achilles heel. And you also need to program your brain to success. That you are hitting the ball through the goals.

So if you're a beginner, start at 20 meters and put a board at 20, 25, 30, 35, 40. Okay. And go back in increments of five meters. Now go in and hit the twenty yard penalty through. Now, make a circle, come and hit the 25 yard penalty until you consistently missing at a particular distance. Now don't go beyond that before you know that you can hit that distance and get confidence hitting that distance through the goals.

So start at the beginning and...

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Polo Lineout Stick Tip


Question: "Which side of my horse should I have the mallet in the lineout?" 

I bet you'll be surprised by this answer but here's why! 


Let's dive into the next question, which is, I've just got to find it here quickly for you again. Sorry. What side of my horse should I have my stick in the line out? Not on one side, because the biggest problem is everybody wants to put their mallet into the line out. Okay. And that ball, the minute that's in the lineup,

I'm just going to make a rideoff over the top of the mallet. I'm not going to try and hook you cause now I've trapped your mallet between the two horses and my mallet is free. Okay. So don't put it on any side, have it up, but don't fish for the ball in the lineout. What you want to do is dominate the man,

make the rideoff and now you've got the ball free, whichever side you've made the right off from. If you're on the left and you make a rideoff, you've got it on your nearside. If you're on the right and you...

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How To Get Angle On Your Backhands


This quick polo lesson will give you some great tips on how to get angle on your backhands.


How do you get angle with your back hands? Number one, your body position. Okay. You've got to hit the ball wide of the horse. So if you're sitting on top of the horse and you're facing forward and you don't make that little seat adjustment that I've talked about, you will never get the angles. Okay. You need, if you take,

if you want to hit in the away back hand, you're going to take your right side forward. Okay? So that you take your right hip and right shoulder forward and get out and away. Now hold the ball away, the horse away from the ball so that when you swing the mallet, it goes literally past the horse, the front of the horse's face.

And that gives you the angle on that a way back hand, don't try and hit it close to the horse and turn your wrist to try and get that angle. You never get the angle from there and you it's a very weak back hand. Okay? You hit it...

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Appreciation for Gav

play polo polo coach May 01, 2021

From the GavSays Polo Academy team, a quick appreciation video for Gav for the hours that he puts into editing the lesson videos. Alongside commentating, running the Kings Polo Academy and various tournaments in Egypt. We are so grateful for your time!

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Mixed Instructions Frustrations


Getting different information from different people can be very frustrating, especially when it contradictory. You need to find somebody that makes sense to you where you can get a constant source of information all the time. 

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MLB - Own the Inside of the Field

Uncategorized Apr 17, 2021
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Checks When Buying A Polo Pony

polo pony Apr 10, 2021

This video outlines what you should be looking for when buying a polo pony.  

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Polo Pony Teeth Issues: Wolf Teeth

bitting teeth Apr 03, 2021

I often say: before you look at bitting to solve an issue, that seems like a bitting issue, you should have your horse medically checked (plus a few other suggestions)...

Which includes getting the horses teeth checked!

One problem area that often causes horses to react as if the bit was the problem...

Is the issue of "Wolf Teeth".

Wolf teeth are vestigial molars. That means they no longer have a useful function as a tooth.

They usually grow tight against the first molars, but have shallow roots and thus a "bit" pressing against these teeth loosens the tooth in the gum and causes inflammation and discomfort, causing the horse to react as if it had the wrong bit in its mouth.

The problem is made worse if the wolf teeth are vestigially displaced.

That means they grow further forward and thus are in effect "Stand Alone" teeth without even the molars to support them.

A bit moving up in the horse's mouth will always loosen these teeth and cause the horse pain as these teeth are...

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Man Focus, Not Ball Focus


 It's important that you learn to be man focused before you even think about the ball. 


Here's another good example of how myopically focused players become on the ball and not the man. You can see the player in black with the orange helmet here ahead and he's got an opponent on his right-hand side. He's got his high goal player with the ball and they are coming down to this end of the field to score. And all the player with the orange helmet has to do is to take that white player away,

leave the player behind with the ball. And they've got an easy goal. Instead of which he runs to the ball, puts his player that had the free shot off and they missed that goal.


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