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Book Your 1-on-1 Session With Gav NOW

GavSays Polo Academy members receive a 20% Discount (click here if you are a member).

What You'll Get Out of Your Session:

✅ In-Depth Swing Technique Analysis and Coaching from Arguably the BEST Swing Coach in the world,

✅ Game Analysis and coaching on how to improve your on-field plays,

✅ Feedback and coaching on your horses and riding,

✅ Guidance on what lessons and sections to start with inside the GavSays Polo Academy,

✅ Answers to any questions you have,

✅ Actionable Takeaways,

✅ And so MUCH more...

About Your Coach, Gavin Chaplin:

Gav is an international Polo Coach who has been coaching players and teams successfully, across the globe, for over 30 years.

After years of playing professionally off 7 goals -- and learning from players such as Eduardo Moore (10) and Tommy Wayman (10), he turned his attention to passing on all the knowledge he had gained from those top players and horseman -- and from his own personal experience, into coaching others.

He has coached the likes of Nachi du Plessis (8), Jean du Plessis (7), Tom de Bruin (7), and Chris Mackenzie (7) at various times in their careers, plus hundreds of beginners, lower goal and medium goal players.

But he realized that through his video analysis and video coaching he could impact and help so many more players, which is where the GavSays Polo Academy was born from.

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GavSays Polo Academy members receive a 20% Discount (click here if you are a member).