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Ball Hitting, Stickwork & Control

Tactics, Strategy & Anticipation

Horse Training, Care & Maintanence

Your Riding, Fitness & MORE...

Online Lessons & Coaching For All Aspects of Your Polo:

✅ A New Lesson Added Every Week - Guided by your feedback.

✅ Improve Your Riding for Polo - Discover how your riding massively effects your ability to hit the ball, win plays and improve your game. Plus we teach you how to become a better rider. Including training series' on:

✔ Lead Changes

✔ Rein Grips for Polo & Finesse with the Reins

✔ The Correct Seat for Polo

✔ Use of Legs & Seat

✅ How to Improve, Own & Train Better Horses - Learn all the steps needed to train a top polo pony, improve the ones you have and maintain them. Including training series' on:

✔ Ground Work

✔ In-Saddle Training

✔ Problem Solving

✅ Ball Hitting & Stickwork - Discover how to play all the shots, consistently, with accuracy, and with power when needed. Including training series' on:

✔ Technique and Learning Stages for all the Shots

✔ Practice Drills

✔ Swing Reviews

✔ Problem Solving

✔ Dribbling Techniques

On-Field Tactics & AnticipationEliminate all the errors you are making on the field, learn how to have better anticipation, and discover how to be more effective with your marking, backhands, passes, ride-offs, set plays and more. Including training series' on:

✔ How to Mark Better

✔ How to Win Ride-Offs

✔ 360 Vision & Anticipation

✔ Effective Backhands

✔ Plays, Timing, Speed & Passing

✔ How to Win Your Set Plays (Throw-Ins, Knock-Ins & Penalties)

✅ Fitness, Psychology & Mindset - The most overlooked part of your game. Are you mentally and physically fit and prepared? Learn the routines and mindsets you need to be a successful player and get tips on how to improve your fitness for the game.

✅ Plus ADDITIONAL Bonuses....

Bonus Courses:

The Bitting Your Horse Masterclass

Learn how bits work, and how to assess your horse and find the right bit (or bitless bridle) to make your horse most comfortable, happy, and still responsive

Value: $199

Step-by-Step "Corrective Horse Training" with "Dancing"

How I assess and correct the training of a horse with incredible results in only A FEW DAYS

Value: $99

Dental Care & Awareness 101 Course with Luke Davey

Discover what you need to LEARN and KNOW, as a horse owner, when it comes to your horses teeth

Value: $19

"In-Saddle" Horse Training Fundamentals Course

Easy-to-learn training methods to help you get your horse highly responsive to your aids... Enabling you to use lighter hands and helping your horse be the best she can be!

Value: $169

Live Q&As:

Every month you will be able send in your questions and videos for Gav to answer and review, in our monthly live Q&A. Plus watch answers and reviews from past Q&A recordings.

Get Help & Support:

Through the GavSays Polo Academy Facebook Group you'll be able to chat with others who are all working towards improving their polo in a big way through improving their horses, their riding, their ball hitting and tactics, and more...
Plus get help and feedback directly from Gavin Chaplin and other experienced members of the Academy.

What Our Members & Clients Say:

"Gavin is one of the best swing coaches in the world, he has the ability to assist both high level through to beginner level players and explain problem areas in such a way that always brings positive results."

- Buster Mackenzie, Plettenberg Polo Club, 4 Goals (Ex 7-goaler & South African Captain)

"Amazing Value in these videos. Thanks to you and Rob for putting this all together. It was really needed"

- Edward Thirwall, Australia, 1 Goal

"The online sessions and videos have really helped me drastically. My stickwork and anticipation have graduated to a new level. I wish and look forward for more training videos and tips and I'll continue to put in efforts and endeavour to execute and become a better player."

- Anant Rajpurohit, Cavalry Polo Club, 0 Goals

"Gav’s videos are crucial for anyone wanting to improve their polo and training horses. His technique in teaching is ideal for all types of learners. He gives you visual, instructional and “feel” so that you can fully understand the task at hand. It’s like having Gav right there with you at home!"

- Wendy Stover, River Bend Polo Club, 0 Goals

"I really like the lessons as they are direct and to the point - and addresses all the aspects of polo, but with a high focus on making/helping the horse collaborate. Many thanks."

- Christian Mellentin, Nalu Pulu, 0 Goals

"I really got a lot out of your marking strategy piece. It was great thanks."

-  Peter Macintyre, Birchleigh (New Zealand), -1


 "You can get so much knowledge here. There's something for every level..."

Erika Lipton, Flying Cow Polo, -1 Goal Handicap


"I have learnt more in the last 3 months, then in the 7 years I've been playing..."

Barry Cloete, Ottawa Polo Club, 0 Goal Handicap


"The Academy is amazing! I love it. All the questions I've been thinking about have been answered."

Paul Myatt, Val de Vie Polo Club, -2 Goals


"Once I found your videos and website, I really felt I had a source I could trust..."

Hunter, Margaritaville Polo Club, 0 Goal Handicap


"The more I watch those videos, the better it gets..."

Richard de Ramon, Marylyn Polo Club, -1 Goal Handicap


"I went from a -1 to a 2 goal handicap, purely because of Gav's training videos..."

- Rob Hampson, Val de Vie Polo Club, 2 Goal Handicap


"Just doing research on the internet I could never find anything that was even close to this."

Marshall Rosenburg, Houston Polo Club, -1 Goals


"It's hugely helpful to have the videos that you can go back to and look at again and again. That is HUGLEY helpful!"

Kristina White, Curraghmore Polo Club, -2 Goals


"Gav is so good at being able to get across how to be on the field, where to be on the field, how to ride off a professional, or how to get yourself into position and don't be in losing positions.
I think I'll be learning of Gav for a long time."

Cameron Brawn, Adelaide Polo Club, 0 Goal Handicap

Enrollment into the GavSays Polo Academy is unfortunately now CLOSED

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"Hi Rob and Gav, thanks for sharing all your knowledge! We are so lucky to have you!" - Maud Germann

"Hi Gavin Chaplin! I want to thank you for all your instruction. I find your videos very helpful and always looking forward to a new one." - B Kainula Pitzella

"Amazing. Learnt more in 5 mins, than the 7 years been playing. I wish I knew about this when I started." - Barry Cloete

"But by far the best thing about listening to you speak is your enthusiasm for the game. It's so infectious!! It really makes me want to get out and practice more." - Rob Hoe

"So what I am saying is your videos have been a huge help in fixing the things that I do know are wrong...... but I've also realized there is so much to polo that I don't even know I should be asking about until I watch a video where you go into it." - Syavash Pahore

About Your Coach, Gavin Chaplin:

Gav is an international Polo Coach who has been coaching players and teams successfully, across the globe, for over 30 years. After years of playing professionally off 7 goals -- and learning from players such as Eduardo Moore (10) and Tommy Wayman (10), he turned his attention to passing on all the knowledge he had gained from those top players and horseman -- and from his own personal experience, into coaching others.

He has coached the likes of Nachi du Plessis (8), Jean du Plessis (7), Tom de Bruin (7), and Chris Mackenzie (7) at various times in their careers, plus hundreds of beginners, lower goal and medium goal players. But realized that through his video analysis and video coaching he could impact and help many  more players, which is where the GavSays Polo Academy was born from.

Enrollment into the GavSays Polo Academy is unfortunately now CLOSED

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