How Can I Get More Loft & Length in my Swing - Answering Your Polo Questions

answering your polo questions polo swing technique & stickwork Apr 29, 2022

Before you look at LOFT & LENGTH, look at your wrist action & grip. Without fixing these, you won't attain the loft or length you are looking for.

In this lesson, I explain how to achieve this through slight changes that make a big difference.

How Can I Get More Loft & Length in my Swing - Answering Your Polo Questions


The next question is, how can I get more loft and lengthen my swing? I'm a woman and I tend to hit only short shots. Okay.

I think, really, we've already answered the question in my opinion, because if you hitting short little shots, I will guarantee you that a) your grip is wrong. You've got your hand back behind the mallet. Okay. And you flattened your wrist at the back, your mallet is flat and you pushing the ball, you're not using the wrist.

Because if you get the fundamentals of what I've just been talking about, correct, and that wrist to work, then you will definitely get more strength in your shots.

The other thing just to pay attention to, is so often kids and the girls are using mallets in my opinion, that a slightly to light for them. Because if you can't feel the weight of that, mallet head going through. Okay. It's very difficult, because what you start to do is to try and push that mallet through because you can't feel where the mallet head is.

If you've got that wrist correct, and you're allowing the mallet to drop it's head through, then if you using a, I'm not saying go overboard and use heavy mallets.

Because if you're a girl you wanting to, depending on your physique obviously, but if you're looking all up weight of your mallet, it should be between 480 grams, between 460 and 490 grams in total. Okay. And you should be using mallet head that is between 180 to 190. Again, obviously, depending on your physique.

Now, the slightly heavier mallet, if you get the technique right, okay, and you carrying it vertical, is not heavy. It's when you're hanging your mallet out here, and your wrist is dropped like this, and you're trying to hold that mallet head up. Now your arm dies.

You've got to have that mallet up. Okay. Vertical. And from there, you're making a full swing. If you wanting to take, if you tapping the ball, you're dropping it forwards and you're making the swing, back to vertical.

It's that back to vertical that makes the mallet light. Because the minute that mallet head drops, it's now putting tension on your wrist and your arm. Okay.

So, that's also just something to pay attention to. Number one is that grip and the knuckle on top, with your hand is long with the mallet, that gets between your fingers when you're holding, you're not holding a hammer.

So, if you're holding a vertical like this, you're going to almost break your wrist to make that mallet a part of your arm. And again, we talked about the correct principles here.

Okay. And how to make that swing correctly. And if you do, and you holding that mallet vertical like that, you can go to a slightly heavier mallet. And the slightly heavier mallet will, if you using the correct principles, definitely give you a little bit more distance.