How Do I Get My Horse Used to the Boards

answering your polo questions polo pony training Dec 24, 2021

Some horses, especially young inexperienced horses, struggle when they come to a boarded field when it is not something they are used to. 

Gav gives us a quick tip on how to deal with this so that it is not an issue.

How Do I Get My Horse Used to the Boards


A separate question, that's also related to the boards, that are just thought of myself here. Often a lot of horses, especially first to second season horses.

And I've seen playing horses that play on fields without boards, and then suddenly arrive on a field with boards and they just don't want to go anywhere near to the boards. What training would you do or what would you suggest for guys to do to get the horses used to the boards? 

It goes back to that, No-Panic-Horse-Training, Rob. I mean, just walk up to the boards and let the horse step over, a whole lot of times at right angles to the boards, not at an angle. Okay.

Now I'll get it into a trot and then into a canter, at right angles. Until the horse will just jump those boards.

Now, take it at a bit more of an angle. Then you go across change leads, go across change leads, go across change leads.

Until the horse is completely comfortable getting over those boards like that. Okay. Cool. Okay. Awesome.

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