Polo Pony Tips: Fixing a Horse That Runs Away With You on the Field

answering your polo questions polo pony training Feb 18, 2022

Do you have a horse that tends to run away from you on the field?

Or completely takes hold of the bit an d you are unable to stop it.

This question came in and we thought it would a good subject to discuss...

Although not not completely straight forward, as the answer depends a lot on the strength of the rider and the suitability of the horse...

BUT, I dive into some tips that may be able to help you in this Polo Pony Training lesson.

Polo Pony Tips: Fixing a Horse That Runs Away With You on the Field


Sidney Barker asked, 'My horse likes to run off and I ended up running away from the game. Any tips on preventing her from running down the field?'

Again, quite a tough question to answer actually, because a, I don't know how strong a rider. And secondly, I don't know how suitable the horse is.

Because so often, you know, people are being sold horses and they're being duped. They're, oh, this was a high goal horse and it's being sold because it's just getting too old or whatever, whatever.

Meanwhile, the horse has been cooked in the high goal and there's no way that any beginner rider, or somebody there's not...even a strong riders going to battle with it, you know?

So, I'm not sure whether it's horse or rider, but my feeling about this is, if you are battling with this, get somebody who makes horses and trains horses, and ask them to ride it for you and see what their comment is.

Because, you know, is it a bitting issue? Does it need a stronger bit? Is it possibly a horse that you've bought that you've put into an inappropriate bit, that, you know, the horse doesn't respect? Or is it a horse, you know, just doesn't have a mouth?  And you've been sold, a horse that is, is too much for you and you can't stop it, you know?

Those are the questions I'd be asking myself. But, number one, I would take it to somebody that's a really competent rider and ask them to ride it and give me an opinion. That would be my, you know, my first takeaway.

Yeah, ride it and then maybe play it in a chukka as well. And cause it might, you know, we, we've got a couple of horses. There's one horse that we have at the moment.

And the only reason why we still have and have kept on with it, is because you ride it in the arena and it goes beautifully, stops, turns, does everything, in a stick and ball session.

And then in a game session, he just, he just takes the bits and he just, and he runs and he gets really, really difficult once the play opens up. And just, so yeah. Get that person to ride that horse, and also to just to play it in a chukka. Hundred percent.