How To Improve Your Consistency Hitting The Ball

answering your polo questions polo swing technique & stickwork Jul 24, 2020

In this polo lesson, you will find the answers on how to improve your consistency with your swing and ultimately your ball hitting.

How To Improve Your Consistency Hitting The Ball


So, the next question is how do I improve my consistency with my swing and ball hitting? Basically, you've got to get the techniques, right? Okay.

You've got to get that swing plane correct. You've got to get your grip correct. And you've got to get your body posture, correct. If you don't get those three things correct,

you are never going to hit the ball consistently. Alright. And the big thing is we talk a lot about the, the wrist and using the strong tendons of your wrist. That if you just, when you carry the mallet, you get it vertical in your hand. Okay. That your hand is in that kind of shape. And you've got the mallet in your fingers,

not in your palm, go to the videos on the grip. And it's very explicit - the grip. Carry the mallet vertically so your hand doesn't get, your arm doesn't get tired and your wrist doesn't get tired. Alright. And when you take it back to the mallet has got to stay vertical in that takeaway so that as you take that mallet back,

it stays vertical. Now drop the mallet head and make the swing, and it's got to stay in plane. So if you've dropped that wrist to that shape, when you take it back, it stays in that shape. It does not move so that you're basically cocking your wrist before you get to start your swing. So it's already cocked in the takeaway.

So when you get to the back of the swing now, really pay attention to just getting the arc of the swing, right? Don't let them, don't let your wrist flop open at the back. Don't let it flop open when the mallet goes behind you. Don't close your wrist and hood it where the mallet head is outside, the mallet head has got to follow your shoulder-hand line so that it's shoulder-hand-mallet head.

And now that swing will be in plane. There's no other way to get consistency. You've got to get the plane and the grip, the swing plane. Correct. If you don't do that, you never going to get this swing working for you all the time.


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