How to Play a Nearside Shot at Faster Speeds?

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The question of "How to Play a Nearside Shot at Faster Speeds" is already answered to a degree in this previous Q&A

But Gav dives into some specific tips on how to do it on the nearside.

How to Play a Nearside Shot at Faster Speeds?


Next question, how to play a nearside at faster speeds? We kind of covered that a little bit in the, in the first, answering the first question.

You know, hitting any shot at faster speed. You've got to remember that, at the quicker speeds, your horse is already adding impetus to your mallet head.

So, you don't have to hit the ball hard to get it to go a long way. You just have to prepare early. Even on the off side, if you setting up in the position, that we're going to show you in tomorrow's video, both on the near side and the offside, and you take your mallet back timelessly.

You know, this is a three beat swing and at speed probably more. You want to be out there and watch the ball, come to you and take your wrist out the shot.

Because you will be getting to bouncy ball. Unless it's completely sitting still, and you are running quick, and you're going to hit a long distribution shot.

But for the lower handicaps, that's quite a tough ask. I would be sitting up in that boxing stance, getting my mallet back in time and swinging with the wrist working to the ball, but not pronating at the ball.

So that if the ball moves, you can take your mallet to the ball, both on your side and or side. It doesn't make any difference. You've just got to get mallet back sooner at speed. Okay. Okay. Awesome.