How To Play the Nearside Neckshot

answering your polo questions polo swing technique & stickwork Jun 24, 2022

Do you struggle with the nearside neckshot?

Generally speaking, the nearside neckshot is one of the easiest nearside shots to hit & to get right.

It really comes down to the arc of your swing. Here is the best way to get it right....

How Do I Play the Nearside Neckshot?


So, Karl Jones asked, he said I would, if I had five minutes with you, I'd ask about the nearside and nearside neck shot mechanics. So Gav, you've already spoken about the nearside. 

So, I think if we just focus on the nearside neck shot, and you can chat about the easiest nearside shot, generally speaking. Well, the nearside neckshot is probably the easiest nearside shot to hit, to be honest. Because you can be very lazy with the swing arc.

So, when you take the mallet back, so many people, when they're starting, actually hit that nearside forehand, and it turns into a neck shot because they don't get that mallet back parallel to the horse. It's going out at an angle.

And it's exactly what you want to do when you hit the nearside neck shot. Everything else that we've talked about, is the same. You're setting up, you're getting that heel down, you're getting forward, but now just flip the mallet up, and under the horse's neck, and you just get that wrist moving this way, rather than with a slight cut.

And that neck shot is actually a really easy shot to hit. As long as you've got the arc of the swing going across the horse, 90 degrees across the horse.

Yeah, I think on that point, it's quite an interesting thought. Because so many people struggle with the offside neck shot. An then, unintentionally, play the nearside neck shot well, you know, when they're trying to just play a normal forward neck shot.

And it comes back to that initial set-up, in that, they naturally set up with the swing plane going across. Where, with that offside forehand, you talk about the biggest mistake that people make is they go to play, I mean, so the offside neck shot, is they got to play a normal shot.  

They start the swing plane from there, and then they try and wrap it around the front. Such a great point. You know what they're doing naturally there with that swing plane is, you know, is you're just doing the opposite in the other direction.

It's just an interesting side thought about that. That maybe people need to just think about. Okay, well, that comes so easy because my, hand and elbow are already in that position for the nearside neck shot. So, think about the same swing plane for the offside neck shot.