Developing Consistent 360 Vision

answering your polo questions tactics & anticipation Mar 17, 2022

360 Vision is so important on the field, not only from a safety perspective, but also if you want to be effective in the game.

It will can even help you with your rules...

Developing Consistent 360 Vision


We got to dive straight into the next question, which is how do you develop a consistent 360 vision? Okay. So we've, we've kind of halfway talked about that with Hugh Dawney's comment of 'get out of your horse'.

Okay. And it's for me, it's that myopic focus on what you're doing and you don't know what's happening around you. And you've got to know what's happening around you guys.

If you're in a ride-off, look around, you've got to know where the line is. You've got to know that you can go to the ball or can't go, because you're going to be at an angle to it.

If you myopically focused on the ball and you have no idea where the right of way is, now you're rushed to places that is really dangerous for you.

Where, if you've made that ride-off, and you're looking, and now you know you're the man with the least angle to the ball, you can go there.

It starts to make sense to you. The rules start to make sense to you. Getting to the ball becomes a safe thing for you. And because you're going in that direction and you've already make that man ride-off, okay, on the man. 

You've become far, far more effective with that. So I, that, that would be my advice on that.