Keeping Fit For Part-Time Players

chukka wellness fitness for polo polo fitness Aug 27, 2021

When you're playing polo 4-5 times per week, it's a lot easier to incorporate 'in the saddle' fitness but if you're only playing 1-2 times per week, how can you maintain your fitness so that you're at your peak when you are in the saddle? 

Watch this video to find out how. 

Transcription: Keeping Fit For Part-Time Players

Yeah, because you know, the thing is that we talking a lot, I would suggest, you know, you with your Chukka Wellness, you you're dealing with polo players that play sort of four or five days a week. So, that becomes a discipline in itself.

But they are the majority of polo players, are the ones that are sitting behind a desk every day and get to play twice a week and get to ride twice a week.

So, what are we doing in the week that keeps us strong enough to be able to go and play two days of chukkas, and still actually maintain a reasonable physical fitness on the horse over the weekend, because we haven't had that chance. And that's the kind of thing, I think, would be so interesting for the majority of polo players out there who are working and playing part-time.

Yes. Yeah. And that's actually what I, why designed this membership hub was that people can just log in, log out whenever they can. And, those workouts are 20, 30 minutes max. So, I suggest just doing, just putting 20, 30 minutes aside, three, four times a week, if you can, and you just focus on the functional stuff.

You do some cardio and lots of stretching, lots of mobilizing as well. Cause like you said, if you're stuck at a desk all day, rounded shoulders, not engaging your core, your hamstrings are tight. You have an activated or glutes are weak and then you drive get on the horse without warming up and then you wake up Sunday morning or Monday morning a bit like a robot.

It's like, oh my gosh, then you're back down, sitting down. So, a lot of it's stretching, it's preparing the body for action. On the day, it's lots of stretching, lots of recovery work. And then yeah, three, four times a week, I'd focus on more functional, resistance based workouts.

But yeah, like I said, they don't have to be hours long and they don't have to be hardcore either. People always associate fitness and gym work with, you know, ending the session on the floor is definitely not like that at all.

You know, on a Monday I'll do more stability work and muscle engaging. So, I'm not even sweating, but I'm just waking everything up and making sure it's all balanced. Then Tuesday I'll do like a run and then some resistance stuff. Wednesday, I may just go down and do some Pilates and core work. Thursday I'll do a heavy resistance.

So, you know, each day is completely different and you know, half of those workouts I'll be lying on the floor afterwards, but I don't, you don't have to do that to reduce muscle soreness and be mega fit for the weekend.

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