Mallet Side or Inside

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When going to a player with the ball, should you go stick side or inside? Watch to find out...

Transcription: Mallet Side or Inside

These two clips show you the futility of following the advice of "try to get to the mallet." The player with the ball wants you to do that because now you are making some basic eras.

Firstly, you are going to the outside of the play and your horse will be slow because it's got further to travel.

Secondly, you give away the inside of the field and put the other player in the advantage.

And as you see this next clip with the same player here, also doing the same thing. Instead of getting directly behind white, letting him decide where he wants to go and then flattening him in a ride off. The player in black tries again to get to the mallet. And because of that, will always be slow.

And look at the black player in front as well. Who also doesn't pick up the white and is very slow with that. No man focus, all about the ball.

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