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You can't out-train a bad diet which is why our interview with Chukka Wellness dives into the nutritional side of things. 

Transcription: Nutrition for Polo

So, another real big biggie for me is with all of this exercise, and stuff like that. Exercise doesn't always necessarily make you lose the weight you should lose.

So, do you put people onto a specific diet program or how do you go about getting them to an optimal shape to be able to kind of get really fit?

Yeah. So, again, I will say to people in the pre-season, this is the good, a good time, or even your off season, time is to work out what meals suit you. Because you know, I'm not going to eat the same things as you Gav, because we have different body compositions, different activity rates, sorry, activity levels, and you know, different metabolism and stuff.

So, you have to work out for your own body. What, you know, how many calories you're burning every day and I'm not a calorie counter. I do not think it's good to promote calorie counting, but it's good to work out how many calories are expanding every day. And then, you know, for a week you just monitor what you're eating.

And so I say to my clients, I'm like, write down a weekly meal plan, send it to me and I can have a look at, you know, where you're going wrong, if you're going wrong at all, or where we can, you know, maybe add a bit more protein.

You can personalize this thing through you. I mean, if I'm telling you what I'm eating each week, and how I'm eating, and how many bottles of wine I'm drinking etc etc. You can say, look, I suggest that this is too much, or try that kind of food, or whatever.

So, you offer that as well do you? Yeah, to a certain extent because again, I've, I've noticed with polo players and riders, that you just don't have the time to sit down and be disciplined 100% of the time. So, I'll give more, I have more resources.

So, for instance, in the membership part, we have a whole nutrition side where you've got meal suggestions, recipes, snack suggestions for tournament days, eating for energy, eating for recovery.

So, I basically give everyone the resources and then they can personalize it to suit their calorie limit, their activity level, their busy schedule, because I used to do it. And you know, if I say right, Monday morning Gav, you're having porridge. Then I want you to have this 11. And then at 12 you have to have this and you go, 'Well, I can't because I'm out today. I haven't got access to that food'.

I'm like fine. Okay. So, if you knew that lunchtime, you're going to be around, you know, a cafe, go in, grab this, grab that. So, you know, it's, it's very, I can say, I can personalize it as much as I can, but actually it comes down to balance and having everything in moderation.

But you know, don't be too strict and disciplined because people can't stick to such a regimented nutrition program. So, I just give the resources, advise them what to do, and then they can kind of build on around that busy schedule.

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