How to Make Ride-Offs on Higher Goal Players

riding tactics & anticipation Jun 16, 2022

Can you make a ride-off on a higher goal player?

Yes, absolutely! 

It's all about the timing of the ride-off, and this is how you do it....

Ride-Offs on Higher Goal Players


Hey guys, I'm here in Kings and there's a little tournament running here. You can see if I turn the camera around, all the guys in the background here hopefully. There they all are. Here the horses, everything here, lovely tournament running.

And I've been standing chatting to my friend Sherif, who's part of the academy here in Egypt. And we've been doing a lot of coaching together. And he made me very happy with the comment he made about riding-offAnd it means somebody is paying attention to what we're telling them.

So, what was it that you were telling me Sherif, huh? Hello guys. How are you? Actually, I got a very good info from Gav, when you are marking a high goaler. Is that, the high goaler is usually looking behind him to see how the game is going on.

And the moment he looking behind, it's the right minutes to make the ride-off. Especially if you are heading slightly in front of his horses head, and your knee is in your horse shoulder. I think this is the right time, when he looked back, to go and make the ride-off, it will make a very big difference.

So, Sherif, you were really happy because the man was looking backwards and you made the ride-off when he wasn't looking at you. And you won that ride-off, and he looked back again, the second time, and you beat him again.

When he looked at me and he didn't do anything, yeah, he was already finished. So, well done mate, Good job. Okay.